Ma Hui
Ma Hui, born in Chengde near Beijing, spent the past 25 years in Europe, first in Geneva, Switzerland and after that in Amsterdam. From here she pursues an international career as a well established artist. She exhibits her work regularly with Galerie Piet Clement and during the international art show Art Amsterdam. Abroad she participates in several annual events, Art Singapore, Shanghai and Fine Art Asia in Hong Kong. Her etchings are part of The Tolman Collection (New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong).

Ink on paper and etchings adorned with mixed media are her specialty. Her first catalogue was titled Childhood Memories, a reference to the period she spent in a re-education village in Ningxia province, as a young child, during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Impressions of the Yellow River, visits to the semi-deserts of Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and the Tibetan plateau, typify an extensive oeuvre. China and more especially ancient China inspires her to this very day.

She adds red string, rope coils, pieces of wire, rusty keys and chains to her etchings. Antique photos of old doors are sometimes used, providing a decorative background. In her second catalogue Dancing in 3D she merges different techniques and material. Paper, ink, embroidery, calligraphy, these are all used in a wide range of contrasting combinations, creating a unique tension. Often they represent an inner duality that has shaped many of her generation, living outside China. But as always the wondrous collages of the past dominate her creativity. Her latest work – mostly ink on paper – has been reviewed by i.a. Le Petit Journal, Asian Art Newspaper (scroll to page 10) and South China Morning Post.