Media initiative with singular focus on India and China.

Initiator: Willem Offenberg, journalist and filmmaker.
History of assignments in 75+ countries.

Chindia Rules!

Art-mediaconsult is responsible for the original idea and content of the public debate series Chindia Rules! at Felix Meritis Cultural Centre inAmsterdam,Holland

First edition Oct 25, 2011, subject: Corporate Social Responsibility [link video]
Second edition: Equity and Foreign Trade, December 17, 2012
Third edition: IT-innovation and Soft Power, early 2013 (to be announced)

Financed by i.a. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation, ASN Bank



We provide expertise on both countries resulting in numerous articles to media outlets, publications and university lectures in English as well as Dutch.


Delivering content, design and editorial management of catalogues, brochures, flyers, etc will guarantee outreach to a specialized audience.

Radio and tv

Radio Netherlands Worldwide, BBC World Service, TSR Swiss TV, Danish TV, TVE, TV5


We assist international artists, curators and galleries not only by developing exhibitions, but also by generating publicity through media in India and China.

Media training for professionals

Previous assignments at i.a. Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade Union Federation, Amnesty International, Martin Ennals Foundation, Geneva