Events Willem Offenberg


Chindia Rules!  A series of public debate on China and India 2011-2013

Editions: Equity and Foreign Trade,

‘Human rights are sidelined as soon as economic interests are at stake’

Inequity in India and China

China and Soft Power

Corporate Social Responsibility in China with Stephen Frost, Hong Kong

Venue: Felix Meritis, international conference center, Amsterdam

Events Ma Hui

Ma Hui’s Soloshow Beijing

Shuimo, new work

See video

Beijing Times Art Museum
January 2016
1200 m2 solo exhibit shuimo,126 works
F36D Block, CITIC Plaza, 6A Jianwei Road,
Chaoyang, Beijing

Cobra Museum, Amstelveen-NL
Group exhibit 2 works shuimo
July 2015

Art Singapore
November 2015

Soloshow 6 September 2014
Galerie Clement,
Prinsengracht 843-845, Amsterdam-NL
Exhibit ‘Paint it Black’ shuimo

‘Water Dreaming’ July 2014 at SER
(Sociaal Economische Raad), Bezuidenhoutseweg 60 in The Hague, Ma Hui, 12 etchings and 10 shuimo paintings (ink on rice paper).




15 tot en met 20 mei 2013

Stand 27 Galerie Clement

Hal 4 en 5 RAI Amsterdam

(Ingang Wielingenstraat)

Ma Hui’s inkt op papier, o.a. ‘It is Raining’ (zie link hieronder)


RAW Art Fair Rotterdam 6-10 February 2013

Pakhuis Sanotos – Brede Hilledijk 95 5th Floor


4th Taipei Modern Shuimo (Chinese Ink) Biennale, 15 October – 15 November 2012, 4 x scrolls ink on paper

Now on tour in Taiwan

‘Undoing Shuimo’, International Contemporary Shuimo Invit. Exhibition,DuolunMuseum,Shanghai, 2 Sept – 7 Oct 2012, 4 x ink on paper frames

Now on tour to Haikou, Hainan and Guangzhou, Guangdong

‘Existence & Nothingness’, MOCA BJ, Museumof Contemporary Art Beijing,  2 June- 12 July 2012 (extended)

Installation Masks; 47 x etchings framed; Video installation The tree never stops….  (See photos)


Moca BJ masks

Moca BJ July 2012