Tokyo made in China

Why this site? Artmediaconsult is a media initiative with singular focus on China and India. At its inception in November 2005 Artmediaconsult formalized a long lasting partnership between Chinese artist Ma Hui and Dutch journalist Willem Offenberg, adding value as a new business concept. The need for corporate outreach, filling a gap between inadequate and often biased perceptions of India and China and a hard reality on the ground while doing business there, offered ample opportunity. Pollster Datamonitor once tapped awareness among 800 top managers questioning their knowledge of both (re-)emerging economic giants. The outcome was shocking. A sizeable number of interviewees failed to name the national currencies (rupee and renminbi or yuan). Very few were able to fathom the complexity and immense differences between both Asian neighbours.

BRICS leaders

Artmediaconsult will attempt to bridge this knowledge divide by providing expertise, analysis, reportages and interviews for interested parties in The Netherlands and elsewhere.

We assist (art) professionals in managing their portfolios by developing media profiles and catalogues.

Stars of China: Catalogue

We help design power point presentations with focus on China and India, for lectures, seminars and debates at universities and business schools. Curators, artists, galleries and film festivals approach Artmediaconsult when organising Q & A’s in public. We also provide media training for (art) professionals on demand.

In 2011 Artmediaconsult initiated a series of debate for Felix Meritis, European Centre for Arts, Culture and Science inAmsterdam, titled Chindia Rules! and sponsored by i.a. the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and ASN Bank.